The death of democracy in Russia.

Evil is the reverse side of goodness, which inherently exists in each of us. But this does not mean that it is not necessary to fight with him trying to tip the scales with good deeds aimed at the common good. You can philosophize as much as you like on the topic: “What is good” and “Not everything is so simple”, but this is in a very circumstances, and as soon as it comes to ourselves, we very quickly and clearly feel this line...

The concept of good and evil exists only in the worldview of a person, since all the rest of the pain inflicted by unconscious animals on each other is evolutionarily justified. Animals kill to survive.
It is impossible to justify war and violence of one person over another. You can explain them as a natural consequence of bad geopolitics or upbringing in the family, but this statement of fact only confirms that what happened is wrong. That this can be prevented in the future by working on the bugs. There are fewer warriors on the planet, and people have multiplied to almost 8 billion only because there were and are people who create in this world and bring good to society, having support in themselves and moral principles who put the common good above their own! I will not stop believing in this and seeing this potential in people.

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