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About me

Do all that is in your power and be, that will be ...

From my childhood I was predicted the fate of the artist, but as a child I did not think that these words will come true.  I just loved creating things and it did not matter what material my hands were holding. I sculpted from clay, embroidered, knitted, built houses, invented fairy tales and sang songs in windy weather on the slope of our ravine. I always wanted solitude and peace in which I could completely immerse myself in the world of my fantasies and creativity. It seems I've tried almost all possible art materials in search of the one that could fully express my feelings. Dive into the world of sand animation for me was not accidental. This was a turning point in my life. Infinite search for yourself, like finding a way out of the maze with blindfolded eyes. Unexpected turns, dead ends and movement into the unknown. But hope, faith and love never left me.


And then one day I came home and I built my first notorious glass table, turned on the light and plunged headlong into another dimension. My life has changed once and for all ...



Sand art. (Seeing, hearing, speaking, feeling is the most important thing. Light which is piercing the artist refracts and becomes tangible only in his art. Light surrounds us, but how to touch it, how to come into contact with this light. The desire to create is my guiding star, the most faithful compass. I can feel it in my fingertips. Touch gives birth to a new world.Stories told without words. Just like music, they give freedom of fantasy and feelings. It is a dance of hands and sand that unites the light. What is sand art? A ray that cuts through the darkness and reveals the world hidden in it. It's so easy to become the pioneer of this world by discovering it in your own self and sharing it with the others. Sand is an amazing material. It is an instrument in the hands of a master which accurately conveys his feelings and emotions. In an atmosphere of semi-darkness, when music plays and hands with sand are dancing tango, reality stops. By touching the sand I want to touch the hearts of the audience. I want everyone to take with them not even a grain of sand, but a grain of my love. The love that makes me create. Love which is light to me..)

One of the most popular questions I get from the audience -

  "Is it necessary to be able to draw and be a real artist when it come to painting on the sand?"

I will try to answer briefly - Yes!

  Fine art has certain rules, knowledge and possession which help to express the thoughts and emotions of an artist as accurately as possible.  Another question is, with which material should one begin his creative path. Technique is a matter of time and diligence, the main thing is that there would be a feeling behind all these pictures.



My creative professional way:

2003-2006  College AHPK named after V.M. Vasnetsov.   Artist in ceramics and folk crafts. Russia. Pyatigorsk.


2007-2013  University  SPBguki. Director - producer of show programs and events. St. Petersburg.


2009-2011 Sand drawing studio SandPro. The artist of sand animation. Saint Petersburg.


2010 Speech on the TV channel .... Finland. Chrismas story.


2010, 2011, 2012 European tour (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland)


2013-2015 Interactive Art Studio. The artist of sand animation. Egypt.


2015 October - Sand  show. Seoul South Korea.


November 2015-2017 Elbarkaden Theater. Artist of sand animation. Germany. Hamburg.


2018 - Theater Traum fabrick germany


2019 - 2020 Horror Circus Spain 

2020 - 2021 TUI Mein Schiff Germany 

2021 - 2022 Vasco Da gama Cruis Schiff Spain 

2022 - 2022 Theater Hansa Hamburg


Aibaz show

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