A wedding is one of the most beautiful and important days in the life of any person. This is an exciting event that remains in memory forever. We want it to be filled with joy, love and fun!  Wedding

Let this holiday be filled with congratulations and smiles, as well as will be full of pleasant surprises, not only for the newlyweds, but for all the guests !!!I wish you happiness and love!


We all store our old photographs. Sometimes we get them from the album, we look in the circle of friends and relatives. How many stories are behind them that they can not tell in one evening.On such a holiday as a birthday or anniversary, I want to recall all the most interesting and significant moments of the past years. 

And what if I could, out of your memories, create a whole sand film?    Sand, it is better than a thousand words to tell the story of your life, so that the spectators would grasp the spirit, and you yourself plunged into colorful memories. Let's do it together!


Even the most serious and official event can be diversified by bringing the holiday's element into it. Presentations, company jubilees, exhibitions, corporate parties are a wonderful occasion to please colleagues and guests with an amazing and original show. Nobody will be indifferent, but will even inspire and underscore the importance of the company in which the sand show is lucky enough to display not in dry graphs, but in sand paintings, the company's outcome, its progress and plans for the future! 

Live Portrait

Live portrait -In just a few minutes on the glass, like on a sheet of paper, will appear a portrait consisting of thousands of grains of sand. It is an unforgettable gift filled with light and warmth. Sandportrait for the Birthday,wedding and just any other special momments!

Aibaz show

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