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Sand Art

 "Stop a moment, you are amazing..."


All the charm and magic of sand animation is that the animated paintings under the artist's fingers are unique even for the author himself. Here and now life is beating in motion. But I so want sometimes to stop these moments.


Even the photo is not able to convey the atmosphere of the sacrament and magic piercing with light every grain of sand in the picture. And yet there is a way to preserve this miracle ...


Mirage on the glass - Fixed sand patterns.


These can be illustrations from show programs, original paintings or portraits to order.


Mirages on glass are the subject of art. A unique source of light and spiritual warmth transmitted from the heart and fingertips of the artist to you - connoisseurs of beauty. Let this light fills your home with joy, recalls the magic and wonders that give birth to the wonderful moments of life!




Digital  Art 

Acrilic art

Item Name

" I hear, but can´t say anything "


This picture is part of the overall picture consisting of 8 parts. The general idea is Oppression and the desire to break free. The painting was painted with acrylic on cardboard this year.


Size : 30´5 cm / 20´3 cm 


150,00 €

1,00 € / 100 ml
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