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My blog · 29. July 2014
Absent participation in the festival of sand animation with the first directorial work - Circus. Filming took place in Egypt, in the city of Hurghada.
My blog · 12. April 2011
HVARNA - A modern creative team consisting of high-level professional musicians. Unexpected acquaintance with these amazing musicians opened up new opportunities for me in my work. We created a common project and went on tour for a month to Europe: Slovakia, Poland, Vergriya, Czech Republic etc. Everywhere we were received warmly and cordially by the spectators.This was the beginning of a long journey.
My blog · 27. November 2010
I'll never forget how my heart was beating and my hands were shaking)).Almost ten years have passed since that day, but excitement till now doesn't leave me before i go on a stage.

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