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My blog · 30. April 2013
Sand Performance in Circus Club in Sankt- Petersburg.
My blog · 12. April 2011
HVARNA - A modern creative team consisting of high-level professional musicians. Unexpected acquaintance with these amazing musicians opened up new opportunities for me in my work. We created a common project and went on tour for a month to Europe: Slovakia, Poland, Vergriya, Czech Republic etc. Everywhere we were received warmly and cordially by the spectators.This was the beginning of a long journey.
My blog · 27. November 2010
I'll never forget how my heart was beating and my hands were shaking)).Almost ten years have passed since that day, but excitement till now doesn't leave me before i go on a stage.
My blog · 01. September 2010
This was my first experience not only as sandartist, but also as teacher. Classes with children and their parents, as well as beginning artists were very interesting and useful for myself, as for the artist. Preparing a new topic for the lesson, I always studied it in detail and immersed myself in the material. It was at this time that I had an idea to record a course of SandArt video lessons.

Aibaz show

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