Mermaid / Eva sandshow

"Wish i could be part of this world..." I think it sounds very symbolic. Just as the little mermaid dreamed of becoming a part of the human world by gaining legs, millions of people on our planet still fight every day for their rights to be equal regardless of skin color, gender and any other belonging that is a minority in modern society. People deliberately denying the possibility of the participation of a dark- skinned actress in the film as the main character say that it is impossible to violate the canons of the work, forgetting that this is a cinema in which everything is possible! That this is the very instrument of influence on the consciousness of people. That it was thanks to it that we all once saw with our own eyes what the animated characters of books written hundreds of years ago look like. The problem is that people do not like change and the destruction of their own ideas about something - the way these ideas were also formed and laid down by someone in our childhood ... In the end, I think that we need to look at the performance of the actors and then decide whether he or she is suitable for this role. Unfortunately, the concept of racism has not gone away to this day. Therefore, such films are necessary, like protests and general social inoculation. And the fact that corporations make money on this is an integral part of a capitalist society ...

Aibaz show

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