My Russia in prison / SAND ART AIBAZ

It is not possible to observe what is happening with Russia without shuddering. People would go crazy and demand constant sacrifice offerings. And those few who remained in their right mind have already left the country or are afraid to give their voice in an environment of total control and complete lawlessness! The police in Russia are working to suppress liberal opinions . Beats and humiliates its citizens. All the judges are bought and there is nowhere to complain. They are sent to war as meat of ordinary guys and men, regardless of any factors. Women remain widows, mothers lose their sons and no one would want to wonder what all this is for... Under the slogan - "We do not abandon our own", the Russians, without sparing their relatives, send them to slaughter... Isn't that crazy? Unfortunately, most Russians during these 20 years of relative freedom in the country have not understood what freedom, human rights, democracy and the value of human life are. Most people want to have a king and be controlled by the herd. Everything would be fine, but by attacking Ukraine, Russia has become a threat to the whole world. This point will not end until every Russian realizes that it was a mistake. Until everyone feels this pain for themselves. Until the patience of this willless mass runs out...

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